Adobe Dreamweaver Training in Oklahoma City

Build beautiful sites for any browser or device. With support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, designers and developers can quickly create and publish web pages almost anywhere.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Training 
in Oklahoma City, Live Online

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC focuses on some of the basic features of Dreamweaver so that students can navigate the environment and use Dreamweaver tools to build websites. Dreamweaver is used by a variety of professionals, such as web developers, web designers, graphic designers, and other professionals;Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC (2015): Part 1 will focus on the tools necessary to build a functional website.

This course has been written to prepare students for the Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC objectives to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. This course is also designed to cover much of the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam objectives. Full Course Outline / Schedule   |  $295.00

You are familiar with creating web pages and now you will use Adobe® Dreamweaver® CC (2015) to enhance web pages by adding advanced functions such as movement, media elements, forms, and links to social media. You will also create responsive pages to ensure that your websites are compatible with various modern display devices, such as tablets and smartphones. You will create HTML email for email marketing or email newsletters. Lastly, you will share files over a server to work in a collaborative manner. All this will ensure that you develop a website that retains user interest by providing an engaging user experience across multiple display devices. Full Course Outline / Schedule  | $295.00


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